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Sarah Higgins - The Cedar Nook


I’m Sarah, the founder of The Cedar Nook.

I am a West Coast girl, living in Ontario. I make natural skin care products that are infused with the power of botanicals and plant matter that I hand forage from my adventures in the forest.

Growing up in B.C., I spent my childhood running around the woods with my brother and sister, pretending it was our home. We would build forts, fairy gardens, trails and gadgets.

I remember one summer we found a patch of wild raspberries and spent the whole summer mixing them up with sticks and bowls made out of tree bark, to make some sort of ‘jam’. I think it was delicious? It didn’t matter, we had so much fun pretending we were making some sort of concoction from the woods!


I'll never forget one warm summer morning, I was hiking in the Kootenay Mountains with my grandparents, and out of the blue my grandfather reached down to pick some mint off the side of the trail, started chewing it, and looked at me very proudly and said “nature’s toothpaste!” I couldn’t believe that something that grew from the earth could be used by us humans.

And that my grandfather had the magical knowledge of properly identifying a plant offering! In that moment, my grandfather was a wizard. That’s when I subconsciously started realizing that plants are our allies, we are all connected. And we can learn and grow from them, when we let them teach and heal us.

When I’m not wandering the woods, or mixing up offerings, I am an actor! The theatre was my first love, and it's adventures and community is what pulled me to this beautiful part of the country.

 Natural Skincare | The Cedar Nook

The Cedar Nook was created out of the need to feel more connected with our plant allies, and the deep desire to know every ingredient that we put on our skin (our body’s biggest organ) is as clean and from the earth as can be!

I believe that plants show themselves to us when we are ready to know and receive their gifts. The healing properties that are all around us is powerful knowledge. It’s a way of slowing down, re-connecting, and having clean glowing skin while we do it.

Carefully hand foraged from the Canadian forest, these are offerings of completely natural skincare, made with love and intention.