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Welcome to The Cedar Nook

Natural skincare from the Canadian forest

welcome to the cedar nook

Natural skincare from the Canadian forest

welcome to the cedar nook

Natural Skincare from the Canadian Forest

Why Cedar Nook?

Natural skincare that connects you to our earth. Made with hand-gathered plants from the Canadian forest.

Clean, natural, and effective skin care that works! Made using the healing benefits of lovingly gathered local Ontario plants.

"The Moisturizing Meadow Oil is sincerely the best skincare oil I've ever used! I've never been more excited over any purchase in my life! Thank you so much for creating such an incredible, meaningful, and life changing product.

Crisell S.

I've had a blemish on my cheek for the past 6 months, and it is better after using your cleanser and moisturiser for two days! So excited! Thank you for making such an incredible product!

Cassie M

I put your Balsam Fir Healing Salve on a really bad burn, and when I woke up - REMARKABLE improvement. I wish I did it days ago!

Jenna W.

I've been trying lots of things for my hormonal acne, and your Moisturizing Meadow Oil is the only thing that seems to be working! I can't wait to have my confidence back, I love this oil!

Sharon F.

I have been using the Golden Rod Oil Cleanser to remove my makeup after long days of filming, and it effectively removes layers and layers of makeup after twelve hour days! It smells amazing and it feels incredible, a beautiful sensory experience at the end of the day.

Sarah S.

"I’ve been using the Cedar Nook Rose Hip and Calendula Face Serum for over a month now and I couldn’t be more pleased. The oil smells AMAZING, and is SO smooth, SO much smoother than other Rose Hip based products I’ve used. It feels so luxurious. It keeps my skin glowingly moisturized all day!"

Thomas A.

Small batch + hand poured

Natural Skincare

Using folk-method infusions, each and every bottle I fill is made with care and intention.