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The Benefits of Goldenrod and the Truth Behind What Causes Seasonal Allergies

Prepare yourself for the very best surprise as I take you on a sunlit stroll through the benefits of goldenrod and the truth behind what causes seasonal allergies...

You know that time of year: When the sides of country roads fill up with that warm golden hue, and you have visions of throwing your sandals out the car window to frolic through the fields in your bare feet while the late August sun shines down on you. Of course you never do, because you’re scared of the havoc that Goldenrod will wreak on your body when those seasonal allergies kick in. What you don’t know? That there are actually a number of benefits of Goldenrod! Let me fill you in on the truth behind what causes seasonal allergies, in all of their peskiness!

First moment of awe? Those late summer allergies are NOT caused by Goldenrod! Here’s the good news:

Goldenrod has pollen, yes, but that pollen is very heavy and sticky – making it extremely difficult to travel by air. The only way for Goldenrod to pollinate is through the insects that dance with her. So all that pollen you see in the air and blame Goldenrod for? It’s from Ragweed! Ragweed allergies are real...

So here exposes our culprit: Ragweed! Which just so happens to grow at the same time, in the same places, and mostly side by side and interspersed with our beautiful Goldenrod. Rude! But because Ragweed is not as bright and vibrant as Goldenrod, it’s basically camouflaged, therefore we tend to not see it.

So, our dear Goldenrod takes the hit. Kind of a “wrong place at the wrong time” situation as Ragweed allergies run rampant and blame Goldenrod. These two plants are not even part of the same species!

I must tell you, when I discovered world changed. Ragweed allergies, be darned! That beautiful sunny and bright weed that I have longed to learn from, now was openly available to me with zero fear! There was much barefoot frolicking in celebration, let me tell you! And then the research began. I wanted to know how Goldenrod could teach me and keep me connected to our seasons, and more specifically our bioregion. I knew there was magic in her.

Besides being an incredible mood enhancer just by looking at the bright sunny blooms, Goldenrod’s Latin name is Solidago, which means to make whole. This is a testament to how it was traditionally used when treating wounds as a natural healing remedy. When infused as a tincture or a tea, it can even be used as an antidote to allergies. Goldenrod smells sweet and tastes like honey, too, which makes her even more inviting.

Large amounts of saponins are found in Goldenrod, which are a naturally occurring compound that specifically fight infections. Saponins are known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and immune-boosting properties. Another brilliant, natural healing remedy!

On top of all of that, Goldenrod is also extremely high in antioxidants (yes, please!), offers anti-fungal properties (it was traditionally used as a tea infusion to treat Candida) and has natural astringent properties. When an herb ally has astringent properties, that means that they are able to cause the contraction of skin cells and tissues, sometimes even blood vessels. We want that natural healing remedy on our skin because her astringent properties tighten up our pores after cleansing! And lo and behold, our Goldenrod Oil Cleanser was born.

So, I will end this love letter to Goldenrod by saying this:

The next time you find yourself tempted by the warm embrace of honey scented, skin loving, soul brightening Goldenrod, I hope you give yourself the chance to venture out and greet her. She will embrace you back, in so many ways.